SYNTECH SAFETY SOLUTIONS has received countless accolades from respected clients, company management and training participants. The following testimonials are a representative sampling of those comments;




"SYNTECH helped us deliver the build-out of the Liberty drilling rig construction project and the Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand process expansion on the North Slope of Alaska. Their direct oversight helped us achieve a zero incident goal and facilitated the delivery of the projects on schedule. They engaged our contractors with hands on approach that made them want to work safe and look out for each other which is why we didn’t have anyone hurt on the job. Their field safety specialists always had a professional, positive attitude and respected everyone individually. When they presented the safety meetings they were delivered so well that nobody would want to miss it and the room was always left to standing room only. Because of SYNTECH, everyone worked safe on my projects…..”


Mike Luck – BPXA Construction Safety Advisor




“We engaged SYNTECH to help us optimize our Health, Safety and Environmental compliance operations in the Rockies District. Our focus related to safety leadership development and compliance efficiencies but also included auditing of field operations, processes, contractors and company employees. SYNTECH came in and immediately identified several deficiencies as well as missing safety programs we did not have in place. Their team helped us establish total safety compliance training all of our leadership members with an increased scope of work but ahead of their targeted schedule completion. The results were proven as we experienced an 87% reduction in our recordability rate over the same time period the following year. SYNTECH over delivered on my expectations and definitely changed our safety culture in a positive way….”


Mike Pontiff – HSE Regional Director Newfield Exploration


“SYNTECH worked directly with my guys and helped to make us stronger as a team. The training we got was the best I’ve ever seen because my guy’s attitudes changed and now they all want to be safe in everything they do. I appreciate SYNTECH helping me get my guys to work safe and giving them the tools to do their job safer……”

RAY HERRERA – Drilling Superintendent Newfield Exploration



“Today, we attended the Oilfield Safety Awareness program. The purpose of this message is to pay a complement to our Syntech presenter this morning. I felt that he did an excellent job in all aspects. He started and ended on time, and moved at an appropriate pace. The room was full, and as you're aware, there was quite a cross-section of "personalities". The instructor did very well at pitching to the middle, and also, dealing with the so-called hecklers.  Also, what made his presentation more interesting was the fact that he was able to remember several, probably more than 20, of the attendee's first names throughout the meeting. He kept things lively by injecting humor, and involving his audience in a playful manner. I've been in this business for over 30 years, and as you can imagine, I've been to my fair of meetings and trainings, and I can honestly say that today's was one of the more memorable ones. Kudos to Syntech!.....”


Craig Stratton – Production Logging Services



North America



“SYNTECH’s team provides a well-developed training program. There is no other training worldwide with the breadth of experience in training in working at heights and safety rescue. When it comes to your company meeting its legal obligation in working at heights, I recommend SYNTECH because they have the experience and understanding in both the wind industry and its specific, safety related issues…….” 


Rob Edinger – North American Regional Safety Manager, Vestas America Wind Technology



“SYNTECH presented out of the box ideas that other training companies had not previously provided. My techs came away with a better understanding of how to inspect their own equipment and felt very confident that they could rescue a coworker from anywhere in the Turbine. We would hire SYNTECH in the future to provide training…….”


Trevor Lasman – Operations Manager




“I would highly recommend SYNTECH for any of your training needs. They are truly in a league all their own. Their experience level on the subjects they teach, I feel are un-paralleled by anyone else I have ever met…..”  


Dallas Drietz  - Director of Operations Trico TC Wind



“SYNTECH has excellent knowledge and specialties in the high angle working at heights discipline, and are adaptable in working with different companies and their different rules and regulations surrounding working at heights. Their demeanor and ability to get along with crews make them an excellent choice for instructing and assisting lineman and other workers in moving forwards to ensure working at heights is done safely and professionally. SYNTECH’s continued research into advances within fall restraint make them an ideal choice to move your company forward……..”


Andrew Simpson - Manager, Transmission BC Hydro



“SYNTECH was a huge resource for us in at EnXco. Their instructor brought unmatched training in an Industry that needs people to pay such close attention to detail. The methods learned through that training has become companywide protocol and brought new awareness to the technicians that was priceless. I would use SYNTECH again and again…..”


Rigo Murillo - Site Supervisor


“I have been working with SYNTECH for many years. For all that have had the opportunity to work with them, their level of expertise and professionalism is what others are measured by. They are not only the best at what they do, but they have a way of pulling out the best from those they work with. And isn’t that what we all want out of our safety training?....”


Todd Brogna  - Regional Operations Manager



“SYNTECH training is definitely top notch. There is no doubt in my mind that they gave us the best and safest training we could ask for. There is no room for mistakes when working at heights. I would highly recommend them to others that are needing the services they provide…..”


Jack Wallace - Wind Turbine Technical Advisor Frontier Pro Services



“SYNTECH has been very helpful to Frontier Pro Services and knows their job better than anyone I know . Definitly top notch in their class. They have helped us advance in Blade repair in the air without a crane, saving clients thousands of dollars. Thanks again SYNTECH for making my job easier……”


Kirk Roland - Business Development Manager Frontier Pro Services



“SYNTECH turned my group of young, inexperienced men into a professional rope access team. Their integrity and attention to detail is outstanding and their total commitment to safety is confidence building. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants an individual who will give hands on training a new meaning. Thank you SYNTECH for your help and support before, during and after your time with us……”


Cathy Ann Burch - Safety Director Frontier Pro Services



“Outstanding goal oriented safety instructors. Number one goal is the ability of students to become confident and skilled in high angle rescue. Constantly checks students for understanding, and test for ability in the individual as well as the class.” 


Bill Nosbisch - Regional Safety Manager for Power Generation Renewables




“SYNTECHS’s instructor was a detail oriented and patient individual who looked after your every need. I had the opportunity to work with SYNTECH several times and they are always friendly and helpful. SYNTECH has that special ability to find how you learn and adapts to your learning curve. I would and do recommend SYNTECH for all your safety solutions.


Scott Cooley , Co-Owner , Allwave Telecommunications




“Our entire safety program was severely lacking and we didn’t have an assurance that we were doing things the way we needed to. SYNTECH put our entire safety program in place. They audited our work activities, put together a total safety program and wrote our corporate policies and procedures. They also wrote our employee handbooks, they put together our safety committee and organized it and even gave us weekly safety topics to share during our weekly company safety meetings. They put our train the trainer programs in place and made sure we had everyone trained for work. As a result, we were able to pass our AT&T and Verizon Safety contract audits and were awarded a multi-million dollar contract with Black & Veatch. We are more than pleased with SYNTECH and have recommended them to everyone we know. Thank you SYNTECH for helping us keep our guys safe no matter where they have to work…..”


Randy Hansen – Mountain Wireless





“SYNTECH is one of the best all-around resources for fall protection that is available. They are extremely knowledgeable of safety options available and are able to understand the operation the business is undertaking and how to make the solution work with it…..”


Jim Monroe Safety Manger Goodrich Aerostructures



“I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your company for putting on the kind of training that sets the standard in your business. Not only did our guys receive the training they needed, but it was communicated in a way that armed them with the tools they need to make smart decisions in the field. I am truly impressed with your training curriculum, trainer, and your company. It is not every day that we are able to find a third party that possesses the same type of safety culture that we have worked very hard to establish here at CCI. Kudos to SYNTECH……”


Chad Kissell – Safety Manager, Carstensen Contracting, Inc.




"I'm very happy to report that 100% of our wind tech students were successful in passing their tower climb test and certification in tower safety and rescue. I'm very proud of the students’ performance. They were well prepared, wonderful ambassadors for CSI and, most importantly remained safe throughout the entire process. Special thanks to SYNTECH Safety Solutions for [their] wonderful training and all of the folks at Suzlon Wind Energy…….”


Mark Goodman - College of Southern Idaho Wind Technology Program


US NAVY Fleet Readiness Center North West –


“SYNTECH provided the best safety training and compliance services our division has ever experienced. As a professional safety person, I have worked with many other different safety service providers and by far I have to say that SYNTECH Safety Solutions is above and beyond anyone I have ever worked with in my entire career. Their regulatory knowledge, professionalism, insight and leadership coaching techniques helped us achieve our OSHA VPP status and division honors recognition within the entire fleet. As a result, we received special commendation from the Rear Admiral of Naval Operations. SYNTECH helped us achieve our status of excellence and we look forward to using them every chance we can…..”

AT1(AW) James M Vasileff – Safety Director FRCNW (Fleet Readiness Center North West; Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

US Federal Aviation Administration –


“I am blown away by SYNTECH’s safety services and the interaction they have with my guys. I have been through a lot of training before and it wasn’t until I met them that I realized I really didn’t get the knowledge I should have had. I’m required to make sure my guys are maintaining compliance and thanks to SYNTECH, we are confident that we are. They brought me up to speed with their real world approach and showed me the “black and white” of the regulatory expectations we are required to follow. Since working with them, our safety program has been the best it has ever been. I can definitely say our Safety culture has changed for the better and it will never be the same again…..”


Bill Bottin - FAA Safety Compliance and Environmental Manager (SECM)