Syntech Safety Solutions fully engages each trainee to bring about the most relevant, cost effective safety training available today.



At Syntech, achieving commonly shared goals is paramount to cost effective solutions that provide productivity and profitability throughout an organization. We view ourselves as a resource for facilitating critical understanding between corporations goals and the needs of their front-line personnel.

Training Products

At SYNTECH, we view ourselves as a resource for facilitating a critical understanding between corporations and their front-line personnel: “High-quality, professional safety programs that are timely, relevant, and solutions-oriented are paramount to achieving the commonly shared goals of productivity and profitability throughout an organization.”

 Top 5 Training Products/Overview

Industrsty Products 

Our highly effective and skilled industrial first rescue system, F.R.E.D (First Response Evacuation Device), is based on commonly used safety equipment. Call to get details of how this system could help you save money and time.

Risk Management

There are risks involved in any business. None greater then the one you did not know you have, we provide you with extensive and personal advice before a risk occurs.




Syntech Safely Solutions provides training publications that are available for purchase. You may also contact us regarding creating personalized publications to address your company's specific needs, all for your in-house use.